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How We Benefit from Nature

Health and happiness! Yes time in nature, with nature, improves our health and happiness. Discover how and why!

Helpful Tips When Out in Nature

Learn about some of the helpful ways that you can maximize your experiences in nature! Whether in the front-country, back-country, or your community park. From Leave No Trace, to the 10 essentials to pack, to amazing apps and extras to add to your adventure.

Nature Based Activities

Spending time in nature is important to mental and physical health! Explore different ways you can be active in nature.

Nature =  Mindfulness

Whether in your backyard, park, or out in the wilderness, nature relaxes our minds and bodies, and encourages mindfulness. Read about the different ways you explore and encourage this skill.

Urban Wildlife Habitat

Learn to create and certify your yard as an urban wildlife habitat! Visit the link below and find out the many easy and effective ways you can reclaim your urban footprint as an urban wildlife oasis. Begin to foster and enjoy the many benefits of coexisting with our animal companions: observe their lives, reduce temperature and water usage, promote urban beautification. It can be done anywhere! Be creative!

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