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The Magic - Beginnings

JA Gandulla


The first book of the series, The Magic - Beginnings takes its readers on the adventure of a young boy named Paul who lives in a small town in Montana. When Paul makes some unfortunate decisions and casually uses his "worry rock" for comfort, he awakens an ancient magic. After the rock's creator appears with a warning and instructions, Paul finds himself racing against the clock. For Paul to succeed he must learn what the stone wants in the most unique of ways, all while he is enmeshed in the wilderness.

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Supplemental Resources

Coloring Pages

Bring pages from the book to life with your own artistic flare.


Using your knowledge of the book accept the Fae's challenge and complete the crossword.

Crossword Answers

See how you did!

Word Search

Search out and find different key words from the adventure!

Trivia Game

Build your own trivia game & challenge one another's knowledge of the book's content! Use anything from the mythical, philosophical, to the scientific information that you discover in the book. Grow your game as your knowledge grows and see what unique perspectives each participant has to offer.

Owl Art

Here's a list of fun art ideas that are easy to find tutorials on:

- Draw or Paint an owl

- Paint an owl on your face or arm (with safe body paint of course!)

- Felt an owl

- Craft an owl out of items from your recycling

- Chalk an owl scene on your sidewalk

No download here; trust your own magic

Owl Calls

Listen to a variety of owl calls.

Patient Like an Owl

Patience as mindfulness. 
Our senses are mindfulness magnets! Learn how to use your senses, just like an owl to lie in be patient.

Owl Pellet Dissection

"You think I'm an owl pellet?!"

Use what you've learned from the book, as well as this tutorial guide and find out all about an owl.

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