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Magic 2 Cover.png

The Magic - Immersed

JA Gandulla


The Magic continues...


It's been quiet. Paul hasn't seen or heard from the Fae for several months, since his recent winged quest. His worry rock, no matter how often he tries, sits silent. Deep down, Paul fears the adventure is over. Nevertheless, when he finds himself tasked with a summer project outside his comfort zone, Paul reaches for his comforting worry rock and realizes things are not what they seem. Without warning, Paul finds himself in unfamiliar waters, charged with discovering not only what The Stone wants but who else The Stone is awakening. Suddenly, Paul’s lazy summer is left behind and he realizes the adventure is just beginning. Before he knows it, Paul finds himself on another adventure...immersed.  


Above picture - Larger Pacific Striped Octopus © 2013 California Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved.

Supplemental Resources

Coloring Pages

Bring pages from the book to life with your own artistic flare.


Using your knowledge of the book accept the Fae's challenge and complete the crossword.

Crossword Answers

See how you did!

Word Search

Search out and find different key words from the adventure!

Trivia Game

Build your own trivia game & challenge one another's knowledge of the book's content! Use anything from the mythical, philosophical, to the scientific information that you discover in the book. Grow your game as your knowledge grows and see what unique perspectives each participant has to offer.

Octopus Art

Here's a list of fun art ideas that are easy to find tutorials on:

- Draw or Paint an octopus (maybe even use the shape of your hand as guide)

- Paint an octopus on your face or arm (with safe body paint of course!), or even paint on octopus kisses

- Knit an octopus

- Craft an octopus out of items from your recycling (turn an old TP roll into an octopus)

- Chalk an octopus scene on your sidewalk

- Create an octopus den in your garden (maybe a garden toad will take up residence!)

No download here; trust your own magic

Underwater Sounds

Listen to the enchanting sounds of our underwater world.

Creative Like an Octopus

Sparks of creativity are all around us and within us! 
Learn how to listen like an octopus and...create!

STEM Octopus Activities for Kids

"With these octopus STEM activities for kids you’ll learn everything there is to know about an octopus and have a blast at the same time!"


Octopus versus
Underwater Obstacle Course

Watch Shashimi's amazing journey through this epic obstacle course and back home...
to her ocean!


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