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Notebook and Pen

Author Showcase!


By Timothy J. Tate

ZooGaia is a cautionary tale, a fable describing the effects of a world run amok. It is the first book of a trilogy depicting a world dominated by a destructive patriarchy, and Earth Gaia s vengeance against that world. The story s teenage avatar Aurora initiates and leads a charge, a desperate attempt to shift the literal and mythic landscape of Earth's self-devastating destiny. Can Aurora and her wild mountain animal cohorts save the planet in time in order to usher in a new more rational and sane Earth epoch? Join us for the ultimate survival adventure.

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Springtime Mouse

By Marla Goodman

Hooray! It’s Spring! The Brownpapers are a clan of fun-loving mice who know all the best ways to celebrate Spring! Join them as they bustle about in the fresh air, and find alphabet words hidden along the way! With beautiful pictures, lively verse and secret hints to find extra-tricky hidden alphabet words, this read-aloud friendly Look & Find Alphabet brings a sweet and joyful spirit to story time any time of year. The delight of discovering alphabet words on every page is fun for kids of any age, but a second level of open-ended brain teaser challenge offers more treasures for older kids and adults, too. All of the pictures in this book were drawn on reused brown paper bags!

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Buster the Bridger Mountain Bear

By Wayne Edwards
Illustrated by Gina Daws

When Gabby Gopher follows the cries for help coming from the meadow below, she is surprised to find her friend, Buster the Bear, with his head stuck in a fallen log. Gabby seeks the advice of the sage Oliver Wendell Owl, III, in order to solve Buster’s predicament. Mr. Owl’s plan to free Buster will require all the animals of Bridger Mountain to work together as a team.

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