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The Magic

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Story of The Magic

The Magic takes its readers on an unforgettable adventure and chronicles the story of a young boy named Paul, from Montana. When Paul makes some unfortunate decisions and casually uses his "worry rock" for comfort, he awakens an ancient magic. After the rock's creator appears with a warning and guidance, Paul finds himself racing against the clock. For Paul to succeed he must learn what The Stone wants in the most unique of ways, all while enmeshed in the wilderness.

Building upon each adventure, the series follows the emergence of an ancient fairy clan that created the worry rock. As Paul overcomes each worry, more of this cursed clan is freed. However, revenge against the other fairies threatens, ultimately leaving Paul to put all he has discovered to use in order to save everyone.

The Magic features short chapters with attention-grabbing content focused on the young reader. Cleverly weaving real-world scenarios with biology, mythology, and philosophy, to establish nature as an ongoing teacher for everyday difficulties. Created to demonstrate ways of being versus a how to guide, each book focuses on a particular virtue by way of an exemplary animal teacher. Through Paul’s challenges and consequent connection with the virtue and animal, the reader is empowered to create their own connection to the virtue, nature, and self. The story's "factual fiction" structure makes it dynamic, appealing to children of all ages, as well as parents, and educators. The adventure is followed by a scientific summary of each animal highlighted in the storyline, as well as questions and points of conversation included for book clubs.

Whether for the recreational reader, parent or teacher, The Magic is a truly holistic piece of fiction that promises to be an entertaining and educational experience for all.

"Imagination is the gateway to all knowledge."

JA Gandulla

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